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Meet your timer

A timer that you can always depend on for tracking your activities.

Improve your productivity with time tracking. Keep track of how and when you work best so you can plan out a schedule that suits you.

A simple and easy way to track your time


Starting an activity has cross-platform support. From your IOS or Android app, to a browser extension and web application.


Did something come up? No worries, pausing has never been easier. And not to worry, you can always work on something else and get back to your paused activity later.


Stopping never felt so good. Wait till you see all the progress you made with all your completed activities.

Active timer

A timer for you and your team!

Transparency with time tracking in the workplace increases


Boost productivity with reminders

Easily set a reminder to keep an eye on how long you
spend on an activity and receive it via SMS or
other configured methods!

Windu browser extension

Start, pause, stop and see recent activity on any tab in the browser.