Jira Cloud

Connect Jira to create a seamless tracking experience with the issues that need to be worked on.

Jira Cloud

We noticed one of the most loved project management tools out there is Jira Software.

So we created Jira Sync, a widget that connects to your Atlassian account and completely synchronizes your workflow with the Jira Issues assigned to you.

Browse your issues from active sprints within your account. This widget also interacts by providing updates to Jira based on the state you are working on it inside Windu. 

Setting up Jira Sync requires a number of steps and privileges.

Step 1. Connect to your Atlassian account with the widget

Step 2. Select the server you want to pull from.

Step 3. Setup your configuration - In this step you will associate a Wndu Project with a Jira Project. Then following the prompts, it will ask you to configure three fields we offer for synchronizing with Jira.

Field 1: Selected column to pull issues from.

Field 2: Selected column to update issues to when beginning work.

Field 3: Selected column to update issues to when finished.

Currently we only support Jira accounts that are hosted in the cloud. We are exploring providing support for hosted Jira Servers down the road.