Track and push your meetings


The Meetings widget is designed to synchronize with calendars via google calendars. By pulling in your calendars we allow the ability to associate a calendar to a Windu Project. Having this association is a key component when it comes to pushing activities. Once you connect a calendar with a project the widget will have the ability to show upcoming meetings you have, along with completed meetings, where you will have the ability to confirm and push the appropriate length of time the meeting was.

Setting up your meetings widget is super easy!

Step 1. Connect your account to google

Step 2. Select what calendars you want to associate to a Windu Project. You can select more than one if you want to !

Step 3. Now browse your upcoming and completed meetings!

Check out this article to learn more

  • Calendar Types: Currently we only support pulling events from google calendar but we have plans on expanding this and would to hear your feedback on which integration you'd like,
  • Event Types: Currently we only support Zoom and Google Meet event types. But please feel free to reach out if you find a different type would be helpful.