For Agile Teams looking to timebox workload efficiently

Collaborate and Accomplish together in real time

Turn your workload into an agenda that is presented for discussion and estimation

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Why Rally?

A space to empower teams like yours to achieve their goals
efficiently and effectively.

Enhance Team Discussions

Unlock the Power of Team Synergy with Rally! Turn chatter into action with Rally's seamless platform. Spark dynamic discussions, exchange insights effortlessly, and watch as your team's goals align like never before.

Highlight Your Team Agenda

Turn your agenda into a real-time interactive presentation, simply by connecting and uploading.


Take the guesswork out of project planning and estimation with Rally's innovative Story Pointing System!

Rally AI Features

Introducing Rally AI

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Smart Suggestions

AI seamlessly generates relevant questions throughout your session

Say hello to AI-generated summaries

Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to AI-generated summaries

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How Rally works

Prepare yourself and your team to collaborate better and accomplish more

Build your Agenda from Jira

Connect and import Jira items into your Rally agenda, Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficient, integrated session management with Jira + Rally.

Presentation Mode

Captivate your audience and deliver impactful presentations with different modes in Rally.
Focus Mode

Rally's Focus Mode puts facilitators in the driver's seat, guiding participants through the presentation with precision and confidence.

Free Roam

Free Roam empowers participants to navigate presentation slides at their own pace while still staying synchronized with the facilitator's focus

Timebox Workload

Set time limits for each agenda item being discussed in presentation Mode, ensuring efficient time management and driving impactful discussions

Ask & Resolve in Real-Time

Promote interactive engagement and foster collaborative learning with Ask & Resolve. Encourage participants to ask questions and seek clarification during the presentation, driving deeper understanding and actionable insights

Team Estimation

Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty as your team collectively assigns story points to items.







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