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How companies use Windu

Companies of all sizes are finding various ways to utilize Windu, which improves productivity for project management, invoicing and communication.


There are two approaches a company can utilize Windu. One being an integrated approach where the company continues to use their management tools and inherits Windu to achieve more transparency with their project management and productivity. The other being the default approach where Windu handles all of the management, making it easy for the creation and organization of all the activities for the project.With the default approach, there are a number of functionalities that we have achieved by taking advantage of the data we have backed with time tracking.



Windu helps companies track projects that are being outsourced. Increasing transparency between stakeholders and their projects through analytical dashboards, boosting the team's productivity through collaborative workspaces and chat.


Providing access to a suite of management features, such as; time tracking, invoicing, and communication. Windu is able to simultaneously manage multiple projects, clients and teams.