Easy Updates in Stand up Meetings: Activities With Windu

Stand-up meetings are very crucial in the development of projects. However, we all have the same practical problem of going through the update lists during quick team meetings. It is because it's always tough to understand and navigate some existing project management tools.

Your coworkers can attest that keeping track of tasks and projects can be difficult, especially for remote employees. That’s why an app like Windu is such a game-changer for productivity and for yourself to utilize effective time management. 

In this article, we will show you how creating activities with Windu makes it easier to go over updates with your team members.

What Can You Do With Windu?

Whether you belong to a small team or a big enterprise, stand-up meetings are a great method for assuring that tasks and projects are done and delivered on time. However, these old-school stand-up meetings could become dull and unproductive if you don’t have the right tools to use. With Windu, it is easy to go over updates with your team members and discuss what needs to be done next.

To better understand this efficient time management tool, here are fantastic features you can do with Windu.

Prosper With Productivity

Windu is a time management app that helps teams see what is being worked on, track work, and improve productivity. It has a workspace for team members to work on their given project. By using this productivity tool, you can create activities for your projects. If you have other teams, you can also assign tasks and activities to them. You can let other users know that you have created an activity.

Furthermore, Windu also allows you to chat with your coworkers, who are also using the app. Whether you are a freelancer, software developer, or designer, it provides you with a seamless tracking of activities. Also, it facilitates you to track your time, creating invoices, and organize your daily workflow.  

Detailed Activity Report

Most project managers use a stand-up meeting to keep the team updated on projects and ensure better productivity for the day. Windu improves the efficiency of delivering updates by introducing new features and creating numerous activities. With the detailed report in place, you can quickly identify which project took long or short to accomplish. 

By creating a visual timeline of your team’s activity, Windu gives you detailed insights into how your projects are progressing. You can easily view the status of each activity, from ongoing to completed. Thus, it provides immediate insights into what your coworkers are working up.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a popular solution to the problem of managing remote teams. Although there are lots of options available, Windu stands out because it’s compatible across major platforms and easy to use. Whether you are tracking your working hours or simply tracking your team’s activities, this app streamlines workflows and helps you manage information more effectively.

Additionally, you can also use it as a personal time tracking tool for your daily activities. If you want to know where you spend the most time online, Windu will show you where your day goes.


Meetings have begun to be more automated. Instead of scheduling time-consuming stand-up meetings, employees are increasingly turning to their computer screens for updates. Through our powerful app, we make every minute count for your teams. Rather than dreading meetings for updates, you can make the most out of every minute — no matter your working location.