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Helping teams deliver quality projects, backed with metrics designed for remote teams.

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Why Windu is the best choice for your Project?

Superior Metrics

Understand the team that contributes to your projects with advanced visibility in your dashboard and reports

Modern Timer

A timer that adapts to your work style. Start it when you want, pause it if something comes up and stop when done.


Teams that can easily work together are happier. With our convenient handoff tool we allow everyone to be a part of a project vision



Added transparency


Instant visibility into task and project timelines is at the heart of Windu. Easily visible metrics allow for managers and contributors. Think of it as a bird's-eye view of your initiatives

Recent Activity

An instant view of project and task engagements across  teams allowing for high level analytics with a simplified view


Rally your team

Bring your crew together with our collaborative suite of tools designed for teams and successful delivery! Whether you're the captain or a member of the crew Windu can drive your ship forward


Manage your projects

We know that running an agency is a challenge. Bringing in contracts, contractors and managing the constant change in project scope is something any sole proprietor or startup agency is familiar with. We make it less difficult with our suite of tools for all parties involved in delivering your contracted projects

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Secured Invoicing

  • Team Cost Management

Import your project
Jumpstart your Windu project by importing an existing project. Currently we support importing from, Jira, ClickUp and Trello. When you subscribe to Windu, a customer success manager will reach out and give you this option.

See Us in Action!

Integrated with your favorite tools to power-up Windu

Frequently Asked

Can I request a custom integration?

You certainly can! Reach out to us and we can enroll you with Windu Labs, a program we follow for getting to know your business and providing a tailored Windu solution.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a paid feature that allows you to extend your project with premium features such as invoicing, backlog, integrated widgets and more.

Is this suppose to replace my project management tool?

Windu is designed to track and manage your projects revolving around our core component, time. You can certainly still use your project management tools and utilize Windu as an extra layer for better metrics. But of course if you feel comfortable leaving and adopting Windu as a whole. We do also support the necessary functionality to manage a project.

How does pricing work?

There are a range of subscriptions to choose from. Each subscription will cater to certain use cases. Feel free to reach out to a sales rep to understand those use cases. Once a subscription is chosen, you then need to decide how many users you want to invite for accessing your projects.

How do I use Windu to see what my team is working on?

There are a number of ways one can gauge how productive and what they are working on.

Active Timers - In Windu you have complete visibility in real-time with your team through Active Timers. This feature allows you to see who is working on what and for how long, all in real-time.

Recent Activity - This helpful widget provides complete transparency between all your projects and activities. This feed will show points of interactions with your project's activities and the team members.

Reports - Export PDF reports that with a range of filters. As well as using the timeline, for visually understanding historical data.