Understanding How Your Team Works with Windu – Blog Post

If you’re looking for a way to manage your projects while encouraging your team to perform to the best of their abilities, then this is the best tool you can get. You can keep track of your employees’ efforts and use essential project management integrations. No matter what you need, your team can get more work done quickly and efficiently with Windu.

Why Project Management is Important

There are various reasons why project management shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to start a business or meeting particular deadlines. When done right, it can help every part of the company to excel, and run the business smoothly. Moreover, it keeps everything on track and keeps distractions away from employees. Here are just a few benefits that you can get from good project management:

  • It improves internal communication
  • It saves money and time
  • It helps to make better decisions for the business
  • It helps to build on best practices
  • It helps to hit targets and improve performance

Moreover, when time is tracked, it provides management with the ability to see who in the team needs guidance and direction and those who are thriving.

How Windu Helps with Project Management

Windu provides essential project management integrations for computer software developers known as Jira. This tool provides various ways to keep your team running quickly and smoothly. It can provide users with an activity tracker, which can be populated with tasks you wish to assign to your employees and can also be paused and run through from the Windu screen.

Activity Timer

Jira also uses an activity timer to help you finish tasks on time. With this tool, you can get more work done, and will allow you to maximize the work your employees do. It also helps to organize all their workload — for example, activities are organized into tickets which can be organized into the following categories:

  • In progress
  • To Do
  • Done

By implementing this structure, everyone can be held responsible for their tasks and each will have a clear deadline. Once the current task is finished, they will be tagged as “Done” and employees can move forward with their next task. In this way, it will be hidden from the bucket unless a supervisor places it back into the active bucket.

Connecting to Your Team’s Server

If you wish to connect Jira to the team’s server, you may grant access to team members. This will allow everyone (or a select few) at work to get access to all your files and work. Once this is finished, your administrator will be able to connect to their Jira widget.

Work with Windu Today

With more people working from home today, having Windu is an indispensable tool to provide your team that will help lead them towards success. Organization and preparation are also essential when it comes to businesses and their goals. To get started with Windu today, create your free account on the app.